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Hawk food

In their natural habitats, hawks and birds of prey eat a wide variety of foods, though they’re entirely carnivorous. Typically, hawks consume smaller animals that they’re able to identify with their superior eyesight and can kill with their claws. This means that prey is usually limited to creatures like snakes, fish, mice, rats, rabbits, lizards, and smaller birds.

A number of hawks also consume larger insects, such as dragonflies. Whole prey is considered sufficient to sustain them and contains all of the nutrients and vitamins they need. This means that whole prey is the most common form of hawk food and falcon food bought for captive animals.

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However, owners of hawks need to be careful about what they’re feeding their birds, even when it’s whole prey. Not all food products provide them with enough goodness and it’s common for inexperienced hawk owners to feed their animals only day-old chicks, despite the fact that these animals don’t usually contain the correct amount of calories or protein.

Hawks can also suffer when they’re not offered a diverse and balanced diet. With this in mind, owners need to purchase a number of different food items, which will allow you to vary the bird’s mealtimes and ensure that they don’t become over-reliant on a single item.

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Why choose us?

At Kiezebrink UK, we stock a large number of products suitable for consumption by hawks and birds of prey. All of our product range meets industry standards and all of our foods are suitable for animal consumption. With regards to whole prey, we ensure that all of our animals are ethically sourced and killed in as humane a way as possible.

When you shop with us, we deliver everything you order direct to your door. All fresh foods are frozen for ease of transportation and storage, allowing you to keep them in perfect condition until they’re ready to be used.

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Need your hawk food in a hurry? No problem! We are a customer-focused raw foodsupplier, so we can offer next day delivery for any orders placed on Monday – Thursday before 11.30am. All orders are delivered directly to your door for optimum convenience.