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Carnivore food

In their natural habitats, many of the animals that we’ve now domesticated would have been entirely carnivorous creatures. In modern processed foods, there are often a large number of other ingredients that aren’t well suited to our animals’ digestive systems. These include grains, vegetables, and rice, amongst other things. Sometimes, these are added as “filler,” to bulk up the food and make it go further.

Other times, these ingredients are added in order to compensate for those nutrients and vitamins lost in the cooking process. This occurs despite the fact that most animals are unable to digest some of these ingredients and derive no benefit from them.

High quality, 100% natural carnivore food

At Kiezebrink, we stock all the carnivorous foods you need to keep your animal in the best of health. Whether it’s chicken livers, whole quails, or duck carcasses, we’ve got something to satisfy your carnivorous animals hunger.

Chicken Necks

Carnivore food comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms and needs to be carefully matched to the animal that you’re caring for. It may sound obvious but a cat and a dog have radically different digestive systems and require different foods to sustain them. If you then take a look at a snake, for instance, the dietary requirements are going to be even further removed.

This means that a great deal of expertise is required to develop a suitable diet for your animal. What’s good for one breed or species is by no means necessarily appropriate for another.

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Carnivore food delivered to you

All of our carnivore food products are frozen immediately after production and delivered straight to your door.

Need your carnivore food in a hurry? We can offer next day delivery for any orders placed on Monday – Thursday before 11.30am.