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Falcon food

Falcons are graceful creatures that shouldn’t really be considered pets and are generally thought of as hunting companions. Proper training is required to ensure that falcons and hawks are kept in a healthy condition and that they receive the right food and correct care.

Generally, falcons are kept for use in falconry. This is the use of a bird of prey to hunt various different types of quarry. As all falcons and other birds of prey are carnivorous, their diet in captivity should be kept as similar as possible to their natural diet in the wild. This means plenty of raw meat and whole prey, wherever possible. However, it’s also important to consider the type of meat your falcon is consuming. 

Why a natural diet is hugely beneficial

Whereas the Red-Tailed Hawk typically eats rabbits, hares, and squirrels, a Kestrel is likely to eat large insects, including moths and dragonflies. This means that you need to know your bird and have a good understanding of what its diet consists of in its natural habitat.

rabbit kidneys

In many cases, falcon owners are content feeding their birds of prey on day-old chicks alone. However, this diet provides the birds with none of the nutritional diversity they would typically receive in the wild. Consequently, bird of prey owners need to think long and hard about how they can best replicate a natural diet.

100% natural falcon food

It’s also necessary to look for an animal food supplier that is reliable and can be trusted to sell high-quality falcon food at affordable rates. At Kiezebrink, we stock a wide range of specialist bird foods that meet the needs and requirements of many different species. If you’re looking for falcon food or hawk food and supplements that are designed to keep your animal as healthy as possible, our online shop is the place to look. All of our products have passed the required safety checks and are suitable for consumption by the appropriate species of bird. 

1kg Bag Day Old Chicks

Falcon food delivered to you

When you order your falcon food from Kiezebrink, we will deliver your 100% natural falcon food directly to your door. And, because we understand that sometimes you’ll need your raw food in a hurry, we can deliver all orders placed before 11.30am on Monday - Thursday the next working day.