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Topinsect (Frozen Insects)

Feeding live insects is often preferred by many people. However, live insects need to be taken care of and fed with the correct diet to ensure they have a nutritional gut load. Kiezebrink now offers IQF (indivi...

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Buffaloworms (1 litre box)
Buffalo worms are the larvae of Alphitobius diaperinus and are very nutritious due to their high pro..
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Cali-Worms (Hermetia) - Black Soldier Flies - 1 litre box
“Hermetia illucens" is the scientific name for the “black soldier fly”.   Topinsect Herme..
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Crickets (1 litre box)
Crickets have a high nutritional value and have furthermore, due to their hard armour, the quality t..
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Grasshoppers (1 litre box)
Our farms feed the grasshoppers/locusts on several kinds of grasses without any added growth promote..
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Mealworms - (1 litre box)
The mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor) is a species of darkling beetle or Tenebrionidae. The beetle ..
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Pinkies (1 litre box)
Pinkies are the most used frozen insects. If we let birds choose, they’ll often prefer this insect. ..
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Wax Moth Larvae - (1 litre box)
Topinsect wax moth larvae are extremely nutritious due to their high percentage of dry material and ..
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DK Insect Gut Loader - 2kg
Description* Fed to insects in order to increase levels of nutrients in the gutt-fill * Contains mul..
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