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Waterfowl Diets

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Charnwood - Flamingo  BREEDER  Disc - 15kg
Contains high levels of marine protein (fish meal and shrimp) to improve digestion and maximise amin..
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Charnwood - Flamingo Maintenance Disc - 15kg
DESCRIPTION A Compound Animal Feedstuff for adult / growing flamingos FORM An 8mm disc ..
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Charnwood - Ibis Floating Extruded Disc - 15kg
Protein 18.0% Oil 10.0% Fibre 2.75% Ash 8.5% Methionine 0.36% This ration contains a range of poult..
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Charnwood - Marine Duck Pellets - 15kg
This balanced ration continues to use high levels of fish meal and shrimp as a replacement for the n..
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Charnwood - Waterbird Breeder Pellet - 25kg
Protein 17.5% Oil 4.5% Fibre 4.8% Ash 11.5% Contains selected quality protein sources (including ..
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Charnwood - Waterbird Maintenance Pellet - 25kg
Analysis: Protein 15.5% Oil 4.5% Fibre 3.5% Ash 6.0% More of a "Dabbling Duck " with fishmeal &am..
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DH Flamingo Complete - 10kg
A complete feed from Dodson & Horrell suitable for adult and growing flamingos. Features and ..
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Wisbroek - Ibis-Flamingo Floating - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:Ibises, flamingos and spoonbills.Wisbroek Ibis ..
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Wisbroek - Micro 22 -15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:(Young) waterfowl and small waders.Wisbroek Mic..
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Wisbroek - Waterfowl Floating - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:Ducks, geese, swans and other waterfowl.Wisbroe..
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Wisbroek - Crane Diet - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete feed for:Cranes, rails and screamers.Wisbroek Crane Diet is 6 mm ex..
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Wisbroek - Micro 40 - NO LONGER STOCK
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:(Young) waterfowl, terns, guillemots, gulls and..
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Wisbroek - Sea Duck Floating - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:Sea ducks, terns, guillemots and other shore bi..
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Versele-Laga - Crane 3&4 Pellet - 20kg
3 mm maintenance & breeding pellet for cranes from 13 weeks CRANE 3&4 pellet is a comp..
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Floating Allround (Versele-Laga) - 15kg Bag
Composition Wheat, Salmon meal, Maize, Beet pulp, Linseed, Calcium carbonate   Analyti..
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Versele-Laga - Floating Flamingo - 15kg
Floating pellet for flamingos from 4 weeks FLOATING FLAMINGO is a 100% extruded floating feed ..
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Versele-Laga - Floating Ibis - 15kg
Floating pellet for ibises and other waders from 4 weeks FLOATING IBIS is a 100% extruded floa..
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Floating Sea Duck (Versele-Laga) - 15kg Bag
4 mm floating pellet from 4 weeks FLOATING SEA DUCK is a 100% extruded floating feed for ducks..
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