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Alaska Natural Raw Cat Food

Alaska Natural Raw Cat Food is a top quality raw cat food and its meaty preparations are inspired by nature itself, and in particular the forefather of our trusty felid companions: the wild cat.

Alaska raw cat food is sourced from human grade fresh raw ingredients: 100 % raw meat, soft bones and organs which have been minced to 6mm. Only the protein sources stated on the description is what is included. In short: 100% natural cat food. Alaska raw cat food is frozen immediately after production so that the naturally present vitamins are retained. By varying your cat's diet with a selection of Alaska cat food flavours and other raw meats; you're giving your cat a wide range of nutrients in the correct proportions.

Alaska Natural Catfood is packaged in a convenient 250gm sausage. 
Recommended amount: ca.35 grams Alaska Natural Catfood per kg body weight per day.

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Alaska Cat Turkey - 0.25kg
A healthy raw meat meal based on 100% turkey. Composition: Turkey; Meaty backs and necks, h..
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Alaska Cat Chicken - 0.25kg
A healthy meal based on 100% chicken. Composition: Chicken; Meaty backs, heart, gizzard, liver. ..
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Alaska Cat Beef/Chicken - 0.25kg
A healthy meal based on 70% beef and 30% chicken. Composition: Cow; Meat, heart, throat, kidney,..
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Alaska Cat Rabbit - 0.25kg
A healthy meal based on 100% rabbit. Composition: 100% Rabbit; Meaty backs, heart, lung, kidney,..
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Alaska Cat Lamb/Fish - 0.25kg
A healthy meal based on 65% fish and 35% lamb. Composition: 65% fish (herring, salmon body and..
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Alaska Cat Combi Box (22 x 0.25kg)
As Alaska Natural Catfood does not contain added vitamins it is important to provide your cat with a..
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