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Frozen food and raw meat for animals

Kiezebrink UK is one of the largest raw dog food supplier and the place for frozen foods, exotic animal foods and raw meat diets in Europe. We can offer a broad range of products from raw meats for cats and dogs, day old chicks for falconers, frozen rodents for reptile breeders to leaf-eater pellets for primates and softbill diets for birds.

The aim of Kiezebrink is to offer our customers a complete range of animal foods from different brands. For this reason Kiezebrink has established associations with carefully selected producers of first-rate animal foods and supplements.  The philosophy behind our products matches with the philosophy of the company; "Contributing to good animal health and welfare through healthy nutrition".

Together with your help, our aim is to provide better quality animal nutrition. With our continuing dialogue between customers, nutritionists and experts in the field we try to meet the clients requirements. The supply of our products will go hand in hand with good advice and service.

Barf diet and frozen dog food

Some of the frozen products we offer include day old chicks, mice, rats, rabbits, quail, chicken, beef, fish, game, insects and tropical fruits. We also produce our own frozen range of biologically appropriate raw food: BARF diet for dogs called Alaska dog food. There are many health benefits that come hand in hand with feeding your dog raw dog food.

Here at Kiezebrink, we offer one of the largest ranges on the market, allowing you to stock up on everything from poultry and assorted meats through to tropical fruit and insects. Meaning you will always have plenty of choice at Kiezebrink. 

The dry food brands Kiezebrink supplies include Avian, Boskos, Nutrazu, DK Zoological, Dodson & Horrell, Wisbroek, Optibird, Charnwood, Akwavit, Versele-Laga, Kasper Faunafood and Gravo. With these companies we can supply animal foods for giraffe, zebra, kangaroos, tortoises, rhea, pigs, reindeer, flamingos, parrots, lories, cranes and pigeons to name a few.

Raw cat food

Cats can have chicken, pork, beef, duck and another type of organ meats. Outside, a cat will still hunt for their prey. Raw cat food such as day old chicks, mice or rats can be given on a regular basis. Raw cat food can show some great improvements in your cat, such as increase in stamina, improvement in digestion system and a healthier skin. Many of our frozen food for cats are available individually, packed or minced.

Frozen delivery at your door

In order to keep the vitamins, minerals and freshness of the foods, all meat is frozen immediately. In case you order at Kiezebrink, as part of our raw dog delivery, we will deliver at your door.