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Dry Exotic Animal Foods


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Benefits of Kiezebrink Foods

  • Extensive rangeExtensive range
  • Many BrandsMany brands from one supplier
  • Order combinationsCan be delivered in combination with frozen foods
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Boskos Browser - 20kg
An acacia bush fibre based browser pellet for herbivores. Available in 20kg bags.  BOSKOS BR..
In Stock
DK - Frusect 15kg
Complementary feed for fruit and insect eating primates, such as; Capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys..
In Stock
DK - Insectivore Diet - 10kg
Complete feed for all kinds of insectivorous animals such as; Giant Anteaters, Aardvarks, Tamanduas,..
In Stock
DK - Leaf-Eater Small - 15kg
Complementary feed for a variety of leaf-eating animals, such as: langurs, howlers, lemurs and red p..
In Stock
DK - Omnivore Diet - 15kg
Complete feed for all kinds of omnivorous animals such as; brown- and black bears, raccoons, meerkat..
In Stock
DK - Tamarin & Marmoset Diet - 3kg Tub
Complementary feed for Callitrichidae species such as; Marmosets and Tamarins. A highly palatable..
In Stock
Wisbroek - Ibis-Flamingo Floating - 15kg
CharacteristicsExtruded complete (floating) feed for:Ibises, flamingos and spoonbills.Wisbroek Ibis ..
In Stock
D&H - Maintenance Cube for Primate - 15kg
Extruded Maintenance Cube for Primates Maintenance cube is a complementary feeding product for a ..
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Nutrazu - Softbill Diet - 6.8kg
Nutrazu® ZuLiFe™ Soft-Bill Diet is a complementary diet for maintenance of adult soft-bills and t..
In Stock
DK - Meat Supplement - 4kg
Supplemental feed for carnivorous animals, to supplement meat diets.   Features and ..
In Stock
DK - Whole Prey Supplement - 4kg
Supplemental feed for carnivorous animals, to supplement whole prey diets.   Features and..
In Stock
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