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Kiezebrink can offer a wide range of beef products as animal food. From 5kg chunks of beef on the bone for large carnivores, to beef mince or rumen (tripe) for smaller carnivores. The majority of these beef pro...

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Beef Mince - 1kg
Description: 1kg Beef Minced. KB BARF Minced Beef is 100% pure beef, minced at 8 mm. Beef is in ..
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Beef Mix - 1kg
Description: 1kg Beef MixThis KB Mix exclusively contains beef as a protein source. The mix only..
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Beef Mix - Bulk Box (10 x 1kg)
Description: 10 x 1kg Beef Mix Bulk Box. This KB Mix exclusively contains beef as a protein source. ..
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Cow Rumen (Tripe) Minced - 1kg
Description: 100% beef rumen, minced at 8 mm. The rumen is rinsed but not bleached. Therefore, t..
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Cow Heart Minced - 1kg
Description: 1kg Cow Heart Minced. 100% cow heart, minced at 8 mm. Heart generally has a high am..
1 - 2 Weeks
Cow Ears - 2 pieces/pack
Description: 1 Pack Of Cow Ears - 2 Per Pack.Cow’s ears contain animal fibre, making them a u..
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Beef without bone - 2kg
A 2kg frozen pack containing chunks of beef without any bone. This is raw animal food only. Not f..
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Beef Heart  (minced) - 1kg
Frozen beef heart (minced) 1Kg Tablet    Delivered frozen to your door. This is a..
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