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Delivery Route Map

Kiezebrink UK can offer free delivery for orders over £750 to registered customers in its own designated trucks on set routes on set dates. Please be aware that someone must be available to accept delivery and the delivery address must be accessible by a large truck (not residential cul-de-sac).

 For information on our online next-day deliveries please click here.

 For more information on our delivery routes, please see the map and delivery date table below. If you require any more information then please contact us on 01284 810779.


Routes Next Delivery (date) Next Delivery (day) Following Delivery (date) Following Delivery (day)
1) North18th - 22nd December Monday - Friday 2nd - 5th JanuaryTuesday - Friday 
2) Hatchery12th DecemberTuesday18th December Monday
3) Norfolk  13th December (NORTH) 


20th December (SOUTH) Wednesday
4) South Wales 18th - 19th December  Monday - Tuesday  22nd - 23rd January Monday - Tuesday
5) Hertfordshire15th DecemberFriday2nd January Tuesday 
6) Suffolk 6th December  Wednesday20th December Wednesday 
7) Essex8th December Friday 22nd December  Friday  
8) South West11th - 15th December Monday - Friday 8th - 12th January  Monday - Friday
9) Southern21st - 22nd December Thursday - Friday 25th - 26th January Thursday - Friday 
10) Kent7th December (NORTH) 


21st December (SOUTH)

11) Newcastle6th - 7th December  

Wednesday - Thursday 

3rd - 4th January Wednesday - Thursday 
12) Scotland22nd - 24th January 

Monday - Wednesday

19th - 21st January  Monday - Wednesday