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Image of the Aftican Wild Dog - The Mother and the Pup

The African Wild Dog, also known as the Painted Dog, is one of the most threatened large carnivores on the planet. In fact, there are fewer than 7,000 African Wild Dogs left in the wild and as a species, they are classified as threatened on the IUCN’s Red List. 

Today’s African Wild Dogs face diverse threats. Clashes with other dominant competitive carnivores, especially Lions and Hyenas. Diseases such as Rabies and Canine Distemper, as well as conflict with humans, including snaring, poisoning and traffic accidents all have a devastating impact on population numbers. Conflicts with local people are often due to ignorance and prejudice towards the species. Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) Zimbabwe, are at the forefront of education and support for local communities in helping to raise awareness and understanding of this truly unique mammal.  

Kiezebrink UK are proud to support PDC Zimbabwe with a long-term plan to monitor and protect the current African Wild Dog population and to educate local communities and schools, to ensure an environment in which the species can grow and thrive for years to come. PDC employs more than 60 people from local villages to run conservation programs, as well as education and outreach programs. Their conservation efforts include an anti-poaching team and a rehabilitation facility to ensure the health and protection of the current population from both human and natural threats.

Part of Kiezebrink’s support for PDC has been direct funding for the Chezhou and Songwa schools in Zimbabwe to attend educational Children’s Bush Camps. During these 4-day camps, the children get to see African Wild Dogs up-close and personal at the rehabilitation facility and learn about the importance of wild animal conservation. These efforts not only create future champions for the conservation of animals, including that of the African Wild Dog, but also aid with local community education programs and the support of local children in Zimbabwe.

Painted Dog Conservation are doing a fantastic job and with further support, can continue to make a difference to ensure the conservation of African Wild Dogs by delivering education to the local community in Zimbabwe. Learn more about the work they do and consider donating via the link on their website. Donations can also be made via Painted Dog Conservation UK, a charity based in the UK who is actively fund raising and campaigning throughout the year for the PDC Zimbabwe.