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Frozen Rats

Kiezebrink offers a full selection of frozen feeder rats for cats, snakes and other reptiles, from rat pups (baby rats) to extra-jumbo (+450gms). Check which weights are most suitable for your pet before purcha...

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Rat Pups - pack of 25
Frozen Rat pups are baby rats with no hair. Available in packs of 25's Analysis ..
Out Of Stock
Rat Fluffs - pack of 25
Frozen Rat fluffs are baby rats with fuzzy hair, also known as fuzzy rats Analysis ..
In Stock
Small Weaner Rat - (20-60gm) - pack of 5
Frozen Small Rat weaner which weigh between 30 – 60gm. Analysis ..
In Stock
Small Weaner Rat - (20-60gm) - pack of 25
Frozen Small rat weaner which weigh between 20gm – 60gm. Available in a packs..
In Stock
Large Weaner Rat - (60-90gm) - pack of 5
Frozen Large rat weaner which weigh between 60 – 90gm. Available individually or in packs of..
In Stock
Large Weaner Rat - (60-90gm) - pack of 25
That is £0.82 each. Frozen Large rat weaner which weigh between 60 – 90gm. Avai..
In Stock
Small Rats - (90-150gm) - pack of 5
Frozen Small rats which weigh between 90 – 150gm. Pack of 5Analysis ..
In Stock
Regular Rats - (150-250gm) - Pack of 5
Frozen Regular Rat also know as a Medium Rat, which weigh between 150 – 250gm. Availabl..
In Stock
Large Rats - PACK OF 5 (250-350gm)
Frozen Large rat which weigh between 250 – 350gm pack of 5. Analysis ..
In Stock
Jumbo Rat (+350gm) - pack of 5
Our quality Jumbo Rats are a part of our wider Frozen Rats range. These rats weigh over 350gm each a..
In Stock
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