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A wide selection of feeds for herbivorous animals all available for delivery in the UK. 

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DK Dried Browse Mulch - 20kg bale
DescriptionComplementary feed for browse and leaf-eating animals like giraffes, okapi's and some pr..
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Boskos Browser - 20kg
An acacia bush fiber based browser pellet for herbivores. Available in 20kg bags 10mm. Boskos Bro..
In Stock
Boskos Grazer - 20kg
An African grass based grazer pellet for herbivores. Available in 20kg bags. Boskos Grazer Is esp..
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DK Training Biscuit (30mm) - 25kg
DescriptionComplementary feed for a variety of animals. Designed to be used for training purpo..
In Stock
Charnwood - Browser Maintenance Pellet - 25kg
In Stock
Charnwood - Grazer Maintenance Nut - 25kg
In Stock
Charnwood - Premier Ostrich Maintenance - 25kg
Protein   15.30%      Oil   3.90%    Fib..
In Stock
Charnwood - Reindeer Pellets - 25kg
Protein 15% Oil 5.75% Fibre 7.5% Ash 8.75% This diet is manufactured as a 4mm pellet to improve a..
In Stock
Kasper - Natural Browser Pellet 10mm - 20kg
COMPLEMENTAIRY FEED FOR BROWSERSBrowser Pellets are designed to be fed up to a 40% addition to (a co..
In Stock
Vitality Browser Nuts RZSS- 20kg bag Pre-order
Vitality BROWsER nUTSBalanced Nutritional FeedsNUTRITIONAL BENEFITS¨ Suitable for feeding to ..
In Stock
Vitality Reindeer Nuts - 25kg bag
VITALITY reindeer nutsBalanced Nutritional FeedsNUTRITIONAL BENEFITS• Highly palatable• Formulated f..
In Stock
Vitality Large Roll - 20kg bag Pre-order
Vitality LR RollsBalanced Nutritional FeedsNUTRITIONAL BENEFITS¨ Suitable for feeding to a Wi..
Out Of Stock
Vitality Capybara Nuts - 20kg bag
Vitality Capybara NutsBalanced Nutritional FeedsNUTRITIONAL BENEFITS¨ Fortified with Vitami..
In Stock
Vitality Elephant Roll - 20kg bag Pre-order
Vitality Elephant RollsBalanced Nutritional FeedsNUTRITIONAL BENEFITS¨ Nutritionally balance..
Out Of Stock
Vitality Macropod Nuts (Kangaroo & Wallaby) - 20kg bag
NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS ¨ A palatable pelleted feed with Vitamins & Minerals formulated s..
In Stock
Vitality Training Biscuits - 20kg bag Pre-order
Vitality training biscuitsBalanced Nutritional FeedsNUTRITIONAL BENEFITS¨ Specifically form..
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Garvo - Ratites Pellets (Rhea Emu Ostrich) 5mm - 20kg
Rheas, emus and ostriches are ratites. Even though they differ in size, origin and anatomy, they als..
In Stock
Garvo - Swine Alfamix (pet pigs) - 20kg
Nutritional advice1030 Afamix swine and 480 pet swine pellet extra are complete feeds, supplementing..
In Stock
Garvo - Reindeer Pellets 5mm - 20kg
crude protein 10,3 %, crude fat 3,6 %, crude fiber 14,3 %, crude ash 8,1 %, calcium 10,15 g, phospho..
In Stock
Birch Leaves - 16kg
DescriptionThese leaves are dried and can therefore be stored outside the freezer. It is a suitable..
In Stock
Herb Mix - 3kg Box
DescriptionThis herb mix is very suitable for enrichment of diets of all kind of animals like: Brows..
In Stock
Raspberry Leaves 15kg Bag
DescriptionThese leaves are dried and can therefore be stored outside the freezer. It is a suitable..
In Stock
Reindeer Lichen - 3kg
DescriptionReindeer lichen is a symbiosis of a fungus and a green algae. Reindeer specialize in eati..
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