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Zoo food

By their very nature, zoos are home to a diverse array of animals, all of which will have specialist dietary requirements and will need different foods if they’re to stay healthy. Operating a zoo requires an enormous amounts of highly specialised expertise and the assistance of a large number of animal care professionals.

It also depends on an animal food supplier that can be trusted to deliver high-quality products, at affordable rates, on a reliably regular basis. At Kiezebrink, we pride ourselves on being able to service the needs of zoos, as well as all of the animals contained within, by stocking some of the most appropriate and best natural food products on the market.

We supply a huge variety of zoo foods

For the exotic animal market, we’re able to supply a wide range of dry animal foods that are suitable for consumption by many different animals. Whether it’s omnivore-specific dried foods, whole prey supplements, marsupial pellets, bird foods such as falcon and hawk food. We have everything you need to add a little variety into your animals’ mealtimes and improve their nutritional intake.

The vast majority of our exotic animal products are manufactured by some of the most prestigious names in animal food production, this includes Kasper Faunafood, DK Zoological, Dodson & Horrell, Wisbroek, Versele-Laga and Charnwood, amongst others.

DK Omnivore Diet

Allow your animals to love a healthier and happier lifestyle

All of our products have passed the appropriate safety tests and abide by the relevant industry regulations. We aim to provide animal owners and lovers with all the products you require to ensure that the animals in your care are supplied with everything they require nutritionally. An appropriate diet can have an incredible effect on the wellbeing and welfare of an animal and there are many associated health benefits. These often include increased lifespan, energy, softer coats and skin, and healthier stools.

By purchasing Kiezebrink foods, you’re giving your animals a healthier and happier lifestyle.

DK Leaf-eater Large

All zoo food orders delivered to your place

Smaller orders can be delivered via a next day courier service or we can use one of our temperature controlled trucks to deliver larger pallet orders on set routes. We can deliver any combination of frozen and dry food together for your convenience. Kiezebrink is your one stop shop for all your exotic animal food requirements.