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Charnwood - Grazer Maintenance Nut - 25kg

Charnwood - Grazer Maintenance Nut - 25kg
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Dark Green Pellets - 8mm Diameter

  Protein 12.75% Oil 3.5% Fibre 10.0%  
  Ash 8.5% Lysine 0.48% Cystine 0.23%  
  Methionine 0.19% Calcium 0.80% Phosphorous 0.72%  
  Salt 0.97% Linoleic Acid 1.9% Threonine 0.41%  
  Starch 24.12% Sugar 8.69%    
  Digestiible Energy 10.65 mj/kg (as fed)    
  Metabolizable Energy  (R) 12.9 mj/kg (as fed)    

Wheat Middlings; Oats; Wheat; Grass Meal; Molasses; Soya Hulls; Oatfeed; Hi-pro Soya; Sugar, Dicalcium phosphate; Salt; Limestone Flour; Vitamin, Mineral & Trace Element Supplement; EEC permitted antioxidant

Vitamin A 12,000 ius/kg; Vitamin D3 1,200 ius/kg; Vitamin E 150 ius/kg; Vitamin Bl 5 mg/kg; Vitamin B2 5 mg/kg; Vitamin B6 5 mg/kg; Vitamin BI2 24 mcg/kg; Nicotinic Acid 15 mg/kg; Pantothenic Acid 12 mg/kg; Folic Acid 5.0 mg/kg; Biotin 250 mcg/kg; Choline Chloride 125 mg/kg; Iron 130 mg/kg; Selenium 0.31 mcg/kg; Copper 35 mg/kg; Manganese 60 mg/kg; Zinc 110 mg/kg; Iodine 0.5 mg/kg; Cobalt I mg/kg; Antioxidant 100 mg/kg.

This diet contains high levels of starch and relatively low levels of sugar as required by specialist grazing
Feed as a supplement to forage and normal grazing - amounts will vary according to the size of animal,
quantity and quality of bulk feed/grazing.