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Raw meat for cats

As a wild animal, cats enjoy a variety of raw meats and their biological systems have evolved so that they’re suited to certain types of food. Generally, a cat’s digestive tract is designed to process those animals they would encounter in their natural habitat. This is most likely to be small birds, mice, rats, and other rodents, and the occasional small rabbit. Whether you’re looking to follow a raw food diet, such as a Biologically-Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)diet, or just want to introduce a little more variety into your cat’s diet, there’s a number of different products you can try.

Raw cat food inspired by nature

At Kiezebrink, we stock quail, chicken, duck, rabbit, and rodent products, all of which are suitable for cat consumption. Each of the different types of raw meat for cats can be bought in a variety of forms. For instance, chicken can be bought whole, minced, or in individual parts. The ability to buy chicken livers, hearts, or stomachs is also an important feature of our online store, as a healthy and balanced raw food diets require cats to consume flesh, bones, and organs. While some cats may take a little time to transition from processed foods to raw foods, the vast majority enjoy their new mealtimes from the first moment.

Alaska Cat Lamb-Fish

Embrace the benefits of a raw meat diet for cats

Due to the way in which raw meats are generally better suited to the realities of a cat’s digestive system, there are a number of health benefits to be derived from changing its diet. These are reported to include a softer, shinier coat, better skin, improved eyesight, and healthier teeth and gums. It will also ensure that your cat passes stools less frequently but at more regular times. Overall, the accumulative benefits of raw feeding cats result in a cat that’s both healthier and happier, providing you with greater peace of mind, too.

Chicken Mix Mince

Supplying the highest quality raw meat for cats, to your door

As one of the UK’s leading raw food suppliers, here at Kiezebrink, we supply a comprehensive range of raw cat food products that have been chosen for their quality.

All products can be delivered to your door on a day that is most convenient for you. Orders placed before 11:30am on Monday – Thursday, we deliver next day!