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Cat Barf Diet

Cat Barf Diet

Although cats are also lying in the carnivore’s category, there are some significant factors about cats which need to be considered. Cats can’t digest ripe food. They have particular scent abilities which can sense easily that food is fresh or not. So it’s crucial the food which is feeding to them must be fresh. You can’t try out old preserve meat on cats like dogs.

Cats need to have an adequate amount of food if they don’t have a sufficient amount of food then there are possible chances of hepatic lipidosis in overweight cats. Make sure while feeding Cat Barf diet do mix raw food with commercial food to change their daily appetite. It wouldn’t be odd for them to eat same raw meat on a regular basis.

Alaska Cat Chicken

How to feed cats raw meat?

Cats eat same raw food like a dog. They can have chicken, quail, pork, beef, duck, goat and another type of organ meats. Raw cat food should be warm and fresh. Cats do not prefer frozen food, so you need to defrost it. For defrosting procedure, you can place whole meaty bones in Ziploc bag and place it in a bowl of warm water make sure water shouldn’t be overheated because it would cook the outer part of the meat.

Cats are likely to eat partially or complete frozen mice or frozen rats. But some cats do not prefer the meat of those animals who are not their prey. It doesn’t change their mood that they are going to leave the meat because of meat is not from their prey some of the cats can compromise on such prey’s meat if the flesh is fresh and shouldn’t be frozen. You should keep offering them meat in the different form either by mixing mince with fish or just do some little bit addition with tuna or salmon it will change their taste, and it would be different for them. Buy good quality canned food and mix that with raw meat for something scrumptious.

Cat Barf diet is showing some great results in your cats some of them are explaining below

  • Improvement in Digestion system
  • Increase in Stamina
  • Healthier Skin
  • Minimizing allergy symptoms
  • Improvement in overall health
  • Fresher Breath

What should be some feeding cats?

Make sure a cat barf diet should be of approximately 2-3% of your pet cat’s body weight. Young cats should have two meals per day. It would ultimately depend on the cat you can reduce two meals to only one as per your need. It’s important to do variation slightly in the amount don’t repeat same amount and diet on a daily basis.

Among all of the things, you need to pay extra attention to your cat’s health if the cat is looking weak then up the quantity of food. Similarly, in the case of fitness decrease the specific amount of Cat food diet. Make sure you are monitoring cat’s ingestions rigorously. Raw food is having a high proportion of proteins and fats, a small part of carbohydrates and required enzymes as well as natural vitamins and minerals. So switch your cat to great appetite which would be healthy for his health.

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