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Raw meat diet for dogs

A raw meat diet for dogs, also known as a BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet, doesn’t include any processed or cooked foods. Instead, you will feed your dog a balanced variety of human grade, raw meat, bones, and vegetables, based on what dogs ate before they became domesticated.

Here at Kiezebrink, we supply a wide range of high quality, raw meats for dogs, that are perfect for creating a balanced, varied, and nutritious raw meat diet for your dog. Our raw meat dog food products include rabbit, chicken, duck, beef, lamb, game, and fish.

All of our raw meats for dogs are produced in house or have been sourced from our trusted, approved, and accredited suppliers, ensuring your dog can enjoy the best quality raw meats.

Beef Mince

What are the benefits of a raw meat diet for dogs?

Feeding your dog a raw meat diet offers a whole host of benefits; healthier, shinier coats, healthier skin, cleaner teeth, higher energy levels, and smaller, more solid stools. Therefore, we strive to provide a healthy and nutritious raw diet which you can feed your dog.

Raw meat for dogs delivered directly to your door

Our aim is to make the process of buying raw meat for dogs as convenient as possible. With this in mind, all of our raw dog food products can be delivered directly to your door. And, if you need your raw meat for dogs in a hurry, order before 11.30 am during the week for next day delivery to your home.

Chicken Meat & Bone Sausage

If you have any questions about our raw meats for dogs, you’d like to know more about a raw meat diet for dogs, or for further information about any of our raw animal food products, please get in touch. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements further.