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Raw feeding dogs

If you’re looking to give your dog what it really needs, raw feeding is the way to go. These carnivorous animals have always enjoyed raw products and derive a number of important benefits from uncooked, high-quality raw ingredients.

Whether your dog prefers meat such as beef, chicken, rabbit, or fish, Kiezebrink has what you need to provide your animal with all the essential nutrients and vitamins it requires. From minced raw meats to livers and hearts, we offer a wide range of products that boast a diverse array of health benefits. All of our products have undergone the relevant health and safety checks and are certified as safe for animal consumption.

High quality raw feeding for dogs

Historically, dogs and their predecessors have always benefitted from a raw food diet and their digestive systems have evolved so as to effectively process these ingredients. When cooked, traditional dog foods often lose many of their most essential nutrients and vitamins. Though many dog foods attempt to replace these later in the manufacturing process, not all are able to do so. 

Cow Heart Sausage

100% natural, just how nature intended

Likewise, many processed dog foods use filler or binder ingredients that animals aren’t naturally built to digest. Raw foods boast a number of benefits, including healthier skin and coats, better weight management, and less frequent but more regular stools. A raw feeding dogs diet is ideally suited to your dog’s natural digestion processes and ensures that they benefit from a healthy, balanced diet.

Chicken Meat & Bone Mince

Delivered to your door

The vast majority of Kiezebrink raw ingredients are a by-product of the human food industry and are otherwise surplus to requirements. This means that most of our products derive from human grade carcasses and have a relatively low environmental impact and minimises waste. All foods are delivered frozen to your door, ensuring that you can store the products for as long as you need and that they remain fresh for your dog. The same accounts for cats, in case you need raw feeding for your cat as well.

Please be aware that there must be someone available to accept delivery or there must be a nominated safe place for it to be left as it is frozen raw meats.