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Raw dog food for puppies

It’s never too early to start your dog on a nutritious and natural raw diet! Our Alaska raw puppy foods have been developed with the unique needs of young dogs in mind, ensuring that they offer all of the necessary vitamins and minerals, without causing any problems to the puppy’s digestive system or development.

Why raw dog food for puppies?

A raw food diet is designed to give your puppy a diet that suits its carnivorous nature. A dog’s digestive system is designed to process meat and bones, and it has also evolved to effectively digest a number of other types of food too (hence why dogs and puppies can digest processed, commercial foods).

A dog’s digestive system is, however, ideally suited for processing meat, bones, and organs.

Alaska Chicken Mince

Raw dog foods for puppies are high in natural essential oils and real meat proteins that will help the growth and development of your puppy. Unlike dried and processed puppy foods, they aren’t high in processed proteins or starchy, sugary grains.

Of course, a puppy’s raw food diet will naturally differ from that of an adult dog – they have different needs and their teeth are also weaker and less able to deal with hard bones. As well they can have weaker stomachs. That is why our specific food for puppies is suitable as sensitive stomach dog food. So it’s important that, when you decide to feed your puppy a raw diet, you do so in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

Ensure your puppy gets the nutrients it needs

Raw dog food will ensure that your puppy can enjoy a completely natural, preservative free diet, avoiding the dry and processed pet foods on the market. All of our Alaska Puppy raw dog food products are rich in vitamins and minerals, with absolutely no additives.

100% natural, raw dog food for your puppy

Here at Kiezebrink, we supply Alaska Puppy a high quality, 100% natural raw puppy food which has been carefully sourced and developed to ensure that it provides your puppy with all of the nutrients it will need during the crucial, first few months of its life.

Alaska Combi doos - 800 gram

Raw dog food for puppies delivered to you

When you order raw dog food for puppies from Kiezebrink, we will deliver your 100% natural dog food directly to your door. And, because we understand that sometimes you’ll need your raw puppy food in a hurry, we can deliver all orders placed before 11.30am the next working day during the week.