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Crayfish (Frozen) - 1kg bag
The formidable American Signal Crayfish poses a massive threat to native UK species in rivers, lakes..
£10.00 £6.66
In Stock
AviPharma AviChol - 1000ml - Expires 18-02-2017
Choline is commonly supplemented in poultry, dove and bird feed as Choline Chloride. Choline plays a..
£17.00 £12.00
In Stock
Mini Rabbit (rabbit fluff)  (+/- 150gm)
Mini rabbits (rabbit fluffs) which are between rabbit pups and small rabbits. They weigh about ..
£1.95 £1.75
In Stock
F16 Finch Maintenance (Versele-Laga) - 10kg Bag
NutriBird F 16 is a balanced complete maintenance food for fruit doves, trush- and jay-like birds an..
£48.84 £36.00
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Guinea Pig XL +900gm
Frozen Extra Large Guinea Pig 900gm Plus...
£5.50 £4.00
In Stock
P15 Parrot Maintenance Original (Versele-Laga) - 10kg Bag
NutriBird P 15 Original is a balanced complete maintenance food for parrots. Pellets with a scientif..
£37.40 £30.00
In Stock
Chicken Backs Minced  - 1kg
1kg of minced chicken backs. This products was formally known as 'Chicken Meat and Bone'. 100% Chick..
£1.95 £1.37
In Stock
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