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Ferret food

In the wild, ferrets are carnivorous and eat mainly meat. They consume entire animals, including the organs, bones, and skin, ensuring they receive all the nutrients and fibre they need for a healthy diet. Typically, they eat small rodents, birds and insects, which pet owners substitute into their animal’s diet relatively easily.

Kiezebrink stock a wide variety of ferret food products, including chicks, mice, rats and a selection of raw meats, ensuring you can provide your animal with a healthy, balanced diet that complements their natural digestive processes. This is often difficult to do, as many processed foods are not optimally designed for consumption by ferrets.

100% natural ferret food

Ferrets’ digestive systems are not well suited to grains and carbohydrates and they aren’t unable to process them effectively. Their short gastrointestinal tract does not accommodate the relatively complex organisms required to digest anything other than meat. Despite this, many processed ferret foods still include a number of un-digestible ingredients, such as grains or corn. A ferret’s short digestive tract also makes it particularly inefficient at absorbing and processing nutrients and vitamins. This means that it’s essential that ferret owners maximise the number of beneficial ingredients being fed to in order to ensure that they receive all the goodness they require.

Chicken Meat & Bone Mince

The benefits of feeding your ferret a raw food diet

Feeding ferrets a raw food diet boasts a number of benefits. Most animal owners following such a diet report that their animals have healthier skin and a softer coat, as well as less frequent, more regular stools. Healthier teeth and gums are also health benefits associated with raw feeding.

Delivered straight to your door

All orders made are delivered frozen to your door, allowing you to store products in your freezer for as long as is required.

And, if you need your ferret food in a hurry, we offer next day delivery on all orders placed before 11.30am on Monday - Thursday.

To ensure that the delivery process runs as smoothly as possible, please be aware that there must be someone available at the nominated delivery address to accept delivery or there must be a nominated safe place for it to be left.