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Complete raw dog food

At Kiezebrink UK, we are proud to be a leading complete raw dog food supplier across the UK and beyond. We supply a complete range of high quality, raw dog foods including our KB Raw Regular and Sensitive and the Alaska Red, White and Wild Completes.

Complete raw dog food, just as nature intended

Inspired by the natural diet of the dog’s forefather, the wolf, our complete raw dog foods contain only fresh, natural ingredients that are of the highest quality. The correct balance of vitamins and minerals are added to these complete diets so you can be rest assured nutritionally our food contains everything your beloved dog requires.

chicken meat bone mince

Complete diet

A diet consisting of frozen raw dog foods has been shown to provide a wide variety of health and wellbeing benefits for your dogs, including:

- Firmer stools

- Improved digestion

- Healthier skin and coat

- Reduced allergy symptoms

- Better weight management 

100% natural, complete raw dog food

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of complete raw dog food, at Kiezebrink, we supply a comprehensive range of complete raw dog food products that have been carefully selected for their uncompromising quality.  

Working alongside the most trusted suppliers in the industry, we offer one of the largest ranges of frozen animal foods on the market, including a huge range of complete raw dog food products.

We are also suppliers of Alaska Natural Raw Dog Food, which is composed of 85% raw meat with bones and organs, and supplemented with 15% fresh vegetables. None of these products contain any cheap fillers. 100% natural dog food, as nature intended!

Salmon Mix

Raw dog food delivered to you

All of our best raw dog food products are frozen immediately after production and can be delivered straight to your door through our courier service.

Need your raw dog food in a hurry? No problem! We can offer next day delivery for any orders placed before 11.30am, Monday – Thursday.