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Best raw dog food

Feeding your dog a raw dog food diet can offer a whole host of benefits in terms of your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Here at Kiezebrink, we offer the best raw dog food on the market, providing the highest quality raw dog food from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Our extensive range of frozen raw dog foods includes rabbit, chicken, duck, beef, horse, lamb, fish, game, and much more – everything you need to keep your dog happy and healthy, the natural way.

100% natural & the best raw dog food

Also known as the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), feeding your dog a diet of raw food offers a number of key benefits, including firmer stools, improved digestion, reduced allergy symptoms, better weight management, and a healthier, shinier coat.

Inspired by nature itself, a diet of the best raw dog food has also been proven to increase mobility and even strengthen your dog’s immune system.

Chicken Mix Mince

Give your dog the best nutrients it needs

BARF diets which are varied using the highest quality, freshest ingredients, can provide dogs with all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that they require to live an active and healthy life.

Most of our range of frozen raw dog food contains no artificial vitamins or minerals, and we only use the highest quality ingredients in the correct proportions. After all, there are no vitamin supplements in naturally sourced products.

Beef Mix

Raw dog food delivered direct to your door

If you’re looking for the best raw dog food, you’re certainly in the right place. Need your raw dog food in a hurry? We can offer next day delivery for any orders placed before 11.30am, Monday – Thursday. Please be aware that there must be someone available to accept delivery or there must be a nominated safe place for it to be left.

If you have any questions about any of our frozen raw dog food, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to help!