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Quail chicks

In natural environments, quail is eaten by a wide variety of animals, including dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, and birds of prey. However, it is also used in a number of prepared foods and regularly sold as frozen whole prey. This is particularly true of quail chicks, which are often fed to snakes and can form an important part of their diet.

At Kiezebrink, we stock a number of different quail products, including whole prime and ex-layer birds, multi-chick bags quail carcasses and quail mince. All of our quail products are suitable for consumption by animals and have been ethically sourced from suppliers who follow humane processes.

Optimum diet for your working animals

Quail chicks are often used to feed animals due to the way that they give greater variety in their diets. For this reason, they’re regularly used as an alternative to chicken. By providing animals with a slightly different protein, quail can help tackle allergies and soothe the digestive tract should it be irritated.

French quail box

Quail benefit from being low calorie and high in protein, as well as containing good amounts of B vitamins and iron. All animals on a raw food or whole prey diet should have their food varied on a regular basis to ensure a balanced diet. This makes quail and quail chicks an important part of most raw meat diets.

The benefits of a raw meat diet

This type of diet is advantageous for a diverse array of reasons. In many animals, raw meats provide various health benefits, including a shinier, smoother coat, healthier skin, and more efficient digestion. With animals like the snake, a quail chick can be a complete nutritional package. It provides absolutely everything your animal needs to sustain them and will ensure they remain healthy and happy. If you’re looking for a quail and quail chick products, all of our online range is delivered frozen to your door and meet the necessary quality standards.

Quail chicks delivered to your door

Our aim is to make feeding your animals a nutritious, healthy diet as convenient and cost effective as possible. With this in mind, all of our quail products can be delivered straight to your door. And, if you order before 11.30am on Monday - Thursday, we’ll even deliver the very next day!

Please be aware that there must be someone available to accept the delivery or there must be a nominated safe place for it to be left as its frozen food.