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Snake prey

While all snakes are carnivorous, they eat a wide range of animals, sometimes including other snakes. Typically, the main source of food for each type of snake is determined by its size. The smallest snakes eat the pupae and eggs of tiny creatures, such as ants and centipedes, while the biggest snakes can tackle incredibly large animals, including pigs.

However, the vast majority of snakes consume rodents of various sizes. In most cases, the snake will kill its prey before eating it, usually via administering poison via its teeth or by constricting and squeezing its prey. They will then swallow the animal whole.

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Why choose Kiezebrink for raw snake prey?

At Kiezebrink, we stock a wide variety of raw foods suitable for different types of snake. For those snakes that consume rodents, our whole prey products provide your snake with everything they need to sustain themselves. Snakes are designed to extract all the nutrients and vitamins they require from whole prey, ensuring they remain healthy and well cared for. Whether it’s mice, rats, or birds you’re looking for, we’re able to provide you with ethically sourced, high quality snake prey at a reasonable cost.

Snakes usually kill and eat their prey in this way due to the fact their teeth are not designed for chewing. Instead, a snake’s body muscles squeeze the food down towards the stomach, where it is slowly digested over a relatively long period of time. The amount of time it takes for a snake to digest a meal depend on its body temperature – the warmer the body, the quicker the digestion. Many snakes are uniquely adapted to this type of eating and digestion. They can swallow and break down animals that are far larger than themselves, though this can take weeks to complete.

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Whole snake prey items delivered to your door

Our aim is to make feeding your snake a nutritious, healthy snake diet as convenient and cost effective as possible. With this in mind, all of our snake prey food products can be delivered straight to your door. And, if you order on Monday – Thursday before 11.30am, we’ll even deliver the very next day!

Please be aware that there must be someone available to accept the delivery or there must be a nominated safe place for it to be left as it is frozen food.