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Raw puppy food

In the wild, dogs have evolved to digest raw foods and high-quality proteins and many people now realise the benefits of feeding their dogs and puppies a raw, natural diet – just as nature intended.

At Kiezebrink, we supply a wide variety of raw puppy foods which have been expertly designed provide a healthy, balanced, and nutritious raw diet for puppies, delivering all of the key nutrients they require during this critical stage of their life.

Produced in house or by one of our trusted, accredited suppliers, of our raw puppy foods have been sourced from the highest quality, fresh ingredients available, ensuring your puppy get the best quality raw food diet. 

Alaska Beef- 400 gram

What are the benefits of raw puppy food?

Intended to feed dogs the foods they would naturally consume in the wild, raw puppy food offers a whole host of benefits for your young dog. As well as being gentle on the stomach and easy for your puppy to digest, raw puppy food also boasts high protein levels to help to support healthy growth, while promoting firmer stools, a glossy coat, and general well-being.

Raw bones and chewing meats also make great addition to your raw puppy food diet, helping your dog to release their youthful energy while boosting the endorphins that are essential for a happy, relaxed pup.  

Alaska Chicken Mince

High quality raw puppy food, directly to your door

All of our raw puppy foods can be delivered directly to your door. What’s more, if you need your raw puppy food in a hurry, order before 11.30 am during the week for next day delivery to your home.

If you have any questions about our raw food for puppies, you’d like to know more about a raw diet for puppies, or for further information about any of our raw dog food products or other animal food products, please get in touch. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements further.