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Raw diet for cats

When living outdoors or in the wild, cats hunt for their prey.

Here at Kiezebrink, we offer an extensive range of high-quality raw cat foods, all of which have been produced in house or sourced from our trusted, accredited suppliers, allowing you to provide your cat with a healthy, varied, and nutritious diet, just as nature intended.

Our selection of foods for a raw cat diet includes fish, rabbit, chicken, day old chicks, frozen rats, frozen mice, duck and beef, as well as Alaska Natural Raw Cat Food, raw dried snacks, and raw meant supplements. We also supply a range of snacks and supplements to enhance your cat’s raw food diet. 

Alaska Cat Combi Doos

The benefits of a raw diet for cats

A raw diet for cats offers a wide variety of benefits, allowing them to eat a healthy diet as nature intended, while boosting the digestive system and promoting healthier skin. A raw cat food diet can also aid better weight management.

We supply an extensive range of products that will allow you to provide a nutritious and varied raw diet for cats. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, all of our raw cat food products have been expertly developed to ensure that you cat receives the best quality food. 

Raw cat food delivered to your door

For your convenience, all of our raw cat food can be delivered directly to your door. Need your raw cat food in a hurry? Order before 11.30 am during the week for next day delivery to your home.

Beef-Chicken Mince
If you have any questions about our raw cat food, you’d like to know more about a raw diet for cats, or for further information about any of our other animal food products, please get in touch. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements further.