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Raw bones for dogs

Feeding your dog natural, raw diet, including raw bones for dogs, offers a whole host of benefits, bringing together a number of different raw components to form a healthy, balanced diet, just as nature intended.

When you’re feeding your dog a nutritious raw dog food diet, around 50% of the diet should consist of raw, meaty bones. These bones provide a vital source of calcium and phosphorous, forming a key element of the dog BARF (biologically appropriate raw food) diet plan.

Here at Kiezebrink, we offer an extensive range of raw dog food products, including raw bones for dogs. All of our raw dog bones are either produced in house or sourced from trusted and accredited suppliers, ensuring that they are always of the highest level of quality. 

Chicken Necks

High quality, raw bones for dogs

We supply a wide range of delicious and nutritious raw bones for dogs, including meaty rabbit bones, organic chicken feet, duck carcasses, lamb rib, guinea fowl carcasses, deer ribs, and more.

Like all of our raw dog food products, our raw bones for dogs are sourced from the best quality ingredients to ensure that your dog can enjoy only the best quality raw food. The majority of our raw dog food products are surplus or by-products of the human food industry, meaning they have undergone comprehensive veterinary control. 

Raw bones for dogs delivered to your door

For your convenience, all of our raw bones for dogs can be delivered directly to your door. Order before 11.30 am during the week for next day delivery to your home.

Chicken Backs

If you have any questions about our raw bones for dogs, or for further information about any of our raw dog food products or other animal food products, please get in touch. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements further.