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Omnivore diet

From brown and black bears, raccoons, and meerkats, through to armadillos, coatis, and skunks, many animals follow an omnivorous diet in the wild.

 At Kiezebrink, we supply a range of high-quality feed products which can be used to meet the nutritional needs of animals following an omnivore diet, helping them to stay happy and healthy, just the way nature intended.

All of our omnivore diet products are made from only the highest quality ingredients.

DK Omnivore Diet

Benefits of omnivore diet

Containing insects and a high level of animal protein, our specialist pelleted dry food omnivore diet has been carefully designed to provide all of the necessary key nutrients for omnivorous animals.

Our DK Zoological Omnivore Diet feed has been developed in close conjunction with specialist vets and leading nutritionists to ensure that it meets all of the dietary requirements of omnivorous animals.

High in fibre and containing spirulina and taurine, this DK Omnivore Diet stimulates a healthy digestion.

Omnivore feed delivered to your door

All of our high-quality feed products for omnivorous animals, including DK Zoological Omnivore Diet, can be delivered directly to your door for your convenience. And, if you order before 11.30 am during the week, we can provide next day delivery for when you need omnivore diet feed products in a hurry.

In addition to our omnivore diet products, we also supply a range of feeds for insectivorous animals, such as Aardvarks and armadillos, as well as a variety of raw meat for dogs, cats, and other animals.

If you require any further information about our products for animals with an omnivorous diet or any of our other animal food products, please get in touch. Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you might have or to discuss your requirements further.