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Frozen food for snakes

In their natural habitat, snakes eat small animals, so it’s important to give your snake nutritious food as nature intended.

Offering one of the largest ranges of frozen animal foods on the market, we provide our customers with a complete range of frozen snake foods, including frozen mice, rats, day old chicks, rabbits, and other whole prey items. 

High quality frozen food for snakes

At Kiezebrink, we supply a huge collection of the highest quality frozen snake food.

From frozen mice and rats, through day old chicks, frozen rabbits, and other frozen whole prey, we stock a wide range of frozen snake food that will provide all of the nutrients your snake needs to stay healthy and happy.


We are committed to providing the highest quality frozen snake food at the best possible prices. So you can be rest assured that, when you buy your frozen food for snakes through Kiezebrink, you will receive the highest level of service and quality of food for a fair and affordable price.

100% natural, just how nature intended

Inspired by nature, all of our frozen snake food products are totally unprocessed – so they are exactly as your animal would eat in their natural habitat. All of our frozen food is sourced from accredited suppliers, meaning you can be rest assured that it is of the highest quality.

Most of our frozen snake food products are available in a variety of sizes and can be bought individually or in packs. Try to vary with multiple types of animals to ensure your snake is getting a complete snake diet.

2kg Day Old Chicks

And, if you need your frozen snake food in a hurry, we offer next day delivery on a courier service Monday – Thursday, if you order before 11.30am!

Explore our full range of frozen snake food today. If you require any further information, please get in touch – our skilled and experienced team is always on hand to help.