Colouing Products

Dyes for birds.

To keep our red factor birds in colour we need to give a supplement frequently to promote the pigmentation. A good example is the red intensive canary.

Without an additive of canthaxantine it is difficult to get these birds at colour.

A canthaxantine food dye is potentially liver toxic to birds and must always be used in accordance with dosage calculated by experienced Avian nutritionists or breeders. Add colour intensifying supplements with caution.


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Avian Red-Intensive - 1kg
To make a Red~Intensiv solution, dissolve 1 measure spoon – 5 gramme into 1000 mls. of warm water (a..
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CantaZoo Red 500gm
Canta-Zoo contains the red colour Canthaxantine and ß-carotene. Canta-Zoo is especially developed fo..
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Canthax Pure Carophyll-R - 100gm
Canthaxanthin is known mainly as the natural pigment of the orange-yellow Chanterelle mushroom, but ..
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Tagetes Yellow Marigold Extract - 150gm
In the Avian world we know Tagetes as a natural colouring supplement for our yellow birds such as th..
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