Vitamins and Minerals

Food supplements, along with extra vitamins and minerals are often necessary to improve the diet of our aviary- or breeding birds, keeping them healthy and in tip-top condition. Within our extensive range of Avian supplements you will find the required vitamin supplement your birds require.

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AviVit B50 - 75gm
The B complex vitamins are water soluble and not stored to any significant extent in the body. They ..
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Vitamin A - 150gm
Vitamin A Retinol is essential for maintaining normal skin and mucous membranes and helps maintain r..
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Vitamin E - 150gm
Vitamin E is an essential nutrient to our birds to function normally. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vit..
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Vitamin K1 - 50gm
Vitamin K ("Coagulation" in German) is a group name for a number of related compounds of K-vitamins...
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