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Aromabiotics & Acidifiers

Avi d’ Or - blend of medium chain fatty acids

What is Avi d’Or?
Aromabiotic Avi d'Or (liquid) is based on a blend of medium chain fatty acids derived from tropical plant sources. The products can be provided to poultry and birds through drinking water and act by controlling the balance of microflora in the intestine. In this way they help to maintain a healthy and stable gut environment that allows birds to make maximum use of the nutrients in their feed. Independent university and commercial evaluations have shown Aromabiotic and Avi d'Or to outperform currently available organic acids and alternative growth promoters.

CitraCid - The importance of ‘microflora management’

rainbowfeather_258Avian nutritionists presented CitraCid, the latest developments regarding food quality and specific solutions to replace in-feed antibiotics. Birds benefit from adding acids to the drinking water and is one of the simplest feed ingredients in the diet. Clean water improves the birds performance and acidifying drinking water suppress bacteria that have a negative influence on performance. But there’s more to acidifying the water than just adding a simple acid. Salmonella agens can cause outbreaks of gastro-enteritis in birds after the consumption of contaminated products or drinking water.



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