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KB Raw Composition

The majority of the ingredients in KB Raw products are surplus or by-products of the human food industry and therefore have undergone stringent veterinary control and tests. These products have not undergone any preparation other than mincing and don't contain any fillers, cereals or supplements. They are 100% natural, the way nature intended. These minced meat mixtures contain roughly 10-30% bone, 10-30% organs and 60-80% meat.

Some of these levels seem high, but Kiezebrink have done many years of research into raw feeding diet composition. We also classify some of our ingredients differently. We use the classification ‘Organs’ which includes items such as heart muscle meat.

With regards to bone content it’s important to pay attention to the hardness and structure of the bones used to create the diet. We include items such as cartilage as soft bone in our diet composition. This is digested easier than hard bone, and also avoids the risk of choking on bone fragments or constipation. Soft bone contains less calcium than hard bone, and therefore more is required to achieve the correct calcium level in a raw diet. We don’t use an artificial calcium source (like calcium carbonate) to reduce bone content.  All Kiezebrink KB Mixes are designed to achieve the correct calcium phosphorus ratio using only natural raw ingredients. If you notice your animal has very firm faeces, then add a protein source with lower bone content.

The individual flavour KB Mixes are not a complete diet on their own. This means that variation in protein source or supplementation is needed to feed a complete diet.