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Garvo - Camala chunks (lama, alpaca, camel) 8mm - 20kg

Garvo - Camala chunks (lama, alpaca, camel) 8mm - 20kg
Garvo - Camala chunks (lama, alpaca, camel) 8mm - 20kg
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Camelids condition and health is greatly dependent on the quality of their food. Too rich or too one-sided feed is a greater problem than a shortage of a certain nutrient. These ruminants have, namely, an exceptionally efficient digestive system and can get the most out of lean pickings. Still, only grass or hay is too one-sided; in our average pastures there’s predominantly rye-grass with at the most fifteen different herbs, while the animals in the wild can often choose between all sorts of grasses and herbs. Supplementing with suitable concentrates is, therefore, necessary all year round.

Garvo has had a balanced feed for camelids for years, camala chunks with exactly the necessary proteins, fibres and vitamins. This feed supplies the daily nutritional needs and contributes to hard hooves and lean-muscled animals. It also ensures perfect hormone housekeeping and with that, good fertility, uncomplicated gestation, easy birth and effortless lactation. Camelids in such perfect condition don’t quickly become sick and have beautiful, dry and silky, soft wool.

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