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DK Omnivore Diet - 15kg

DK Omnivore Diet - 15kg
Brands DK Zoological
Product Code: DK017
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Product Information


Complete feed for all kinds of omnivorous animals such as; brown- and black bears, raccoons, meerkats, armadillos, coatis and skunks.

 Features and Benefits of DK Zoological Omnivore Diet

* Contains insects and a high level of animal protein

* Designed to provide all key nutrients for omnivorous animals

* Developed in conjunction with specialised veterinarians and leading nutritionists

* High fibre content to stimulate a healthy digestion

* Pellet shape suitable for large and small omnivorous mammals

* Contains spirulina and taurine

Nutritional advice

DK Omnivore diet is a complete feed for all kind of omnivorous animals. Dietary requirements of animals will be in general: 2% of body weight for animals up to 100 kg, 1,5% of body weight for animals with a body weight between 100 and 500 kg and 1% of body weight for animals above 500 kg. This diet should be fed at a rate of at least 60% of the daily intake. The dietary requirements of the animal will depend on size, age, growth, activity, health and environmental temperature. The energy content of this diet is 333 kcal/100 gram.


Product comes in 15 kg bag.


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