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Raw Meat Supplement ( No Ca ) - 500gm Tub

Raw Meat Supplement ( No Ca ) - 500gm Tub
Brands Kiezebrink International
Product Code: KI200
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Product Information


For dogs and cats

Suitable to supplement a raw meat diet containing bones, for both dogs and cats.

Contains all the required vitamins and minerals for dogs and cats, according to European guidelines.

Daily easy to use dosages, by using the included measuring spoon.


Why this supplement?

With a raw meat diet where enough meaty bones are fed (around 40-50%) supplementation of calcium is not needed. This also applies to feeding minced meat mixtures which contains bones.

This supplement contains no calcium but does contains other vitamins and minerals that dogs and cats need.

This supplement is an ideal addition to:

A self-composed raw meat diet that contains muscle meat, meaty bones and possibly organ meat, but getting enough variation is not possible.

Complementary minced meat mixtures (which contain bones), but enough variation is not possible.

A diet that for any reason there are doubts about the completeness.


Download Raw Meat Supplement (No Calcium) full data sheet.

We also have a raw meat supplement with calcium.