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Bloodworms - 500gm slice

Bloodworms - 500gm slice
Bloodworms - 500gm slice
Brands Frozen Fish Food
Product Code: 90101
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Product Information

Bloodworms are midge larvae and can be found at the bottom of ponds and water streams where they eat dead organic material before they become a midge and fly out.

Because almost every fresh water fish loves to eat this food it is one of the best sold products.
Suitable for all fresh water fish, however not recommended for Discus and Cichlids.

Fresh supply of bloodworms, extensive cleaning of sediments, rapid packaging and freezing.

crude protein (min.) 5,0 %
crude fat (min.) 1,0 %
crude fibre (max.) 0,9 %
moisture (max.) 92,0 %
ash (max.) 0,8 %
Delivered frozen to your door.

This is a raw product and not for human consumption.