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DK - Insectivore Diet - 10kg

DK - Insectivore Diet - 10kg
Brands DK Zoological
Product Code: DK016
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Product Information

Complete feed for all kinds of insectivorous animals such as; Giant Anteaters, Aardvarks, Tamanduas, Armadillos, Hedgehogs and other (partial) insectivorous primates and bats.


Features and Benefits of DK Zoological Insectivore diet

* High level of protein from insects and other high quality sources

* Designed to provide all key nutrients

* Developed in conjunction with specialised veterinarians and leading nutritionists

* Free of wheat gluten and dairy products

* Contains spirulina and taurine

* High fibre content to simulate the high chitin content of insects


Product comes in 10 kg bag.


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