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Metazoa - Fruit Bat Nectar - 4kg

Metazoa - Fruit Bat Nectar - 4kg
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Product Information

Metazoa fruit bat nectar is a powder that when mixed with water creates a paste which can be fed as a supplementary diet for fruit bats. It was developed as a result of captive fruit bats not thriving on a purely fresh fruit diet. It contains all the necessary nutrients that fruit bats require and they find it very palatable.

Make sure there is clean drinking water available.

Metazoa fruit bat nectar can be fed unrestricted and can’t be overdosed.

Raw Materials

Cereal by-products, grain products, vegetable by-products, milk and milk by-products, vegetable protein extracts, sugar, fruits, minerals and algae.

Product Analysis


Crude protein                                   22.5%

Crude fat                                           6.6%

Crude fibre                                        2.9%

Raw inorganic substance                  2.8%

Calcium                                             1.0%

Phosphorus                                       0.5%


Additional supplements                  Quantity per kg


Vitamin A                                     25,000 I.E.

Vitamin D3                                   2,000 I.E.

Vitamin E (DL-a-Tocof. acet.)      30 mg