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Cali-Worms (Hermetia) - Black Soldier Flies - 1 litre box

Cali-Worms (Hermetia) - Black Soldier Flies - 1 litre box
Brands Topinsect
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Product Information
“Hermetia illucens" is the scientific name for the “black soldier fly”.
Topinsect Hermetia larvae have not been bred on waste but GMP+ certified vegetable feed material.
They are low-fat (12,9 %) and have, contrary to the usual feeder insects, a natural and well balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, i.e.:  3,35:1 (pinkies 0,1:1 – buffalo worm 0,25:1).
Calcium content is 6700 mg/kg and phosphorus content is 2000 mg/kg. These are raw weight ratios. The raw protein content is 16,1 %.
Hermetia larvae are flesh coloured but as they get older and reach pupation, they become completely black.
They are not less nutritious in this stage, on the contrary. Topinsect Hermetia larvae are a quality feed and must therefore not fail to appear in a varied insect diet for birds. 
Available in 1 litre box (Approx 500g)

Delivered frozen to your door.

This is a raw product and not for human consumption.