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Silkworm (1 litre)

Silkworm (1 litre)
Brands Topinsect
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Product Information

The silkworm is the larva of the silkmoth (Bombyx mori) and it is one of the few insects, apart from the honey bee and the cochineal, which is bred by man for its produce (silk).

They contain a lot of fluid (88%), nearly no fat (1,6%) and still a very good protein content (9%). They are ideal thirst quenchers for nest birds. Moreover, silkworms have a high quality calcium (1000mg/kg)/ phosphorus (1200mg/kg) ratio of 0,83:1. 
Iron content is extremely low (6,1mg/kg). All values are percentages of raw weight. Silkworms also contain the serrapeptase enzyme which is known to be a very strong natural chelation antioxidant, which improves intake of calcium and stimulates the bowel system. Analysis of the silkworm shows that it resembles very much fish. Silkworms are therefore very healthy and nutritious feeder insects. Because of their soft skin they contain only a little chitin and can therefore be easily digested.
But just because of this lack of chitin, silkworms do not have a shell and will feel soft after the freezing and thawing process. This does not make them less nutritious however. They also dry out quicker and the discolouration which appears after a few hours is not a sign of rotting but oxidation of their pigment and not harmful at all. As with all feed insects, do not feed too many silkworms in one go.
Because the Topinsect silkworms are bred only on the leaves of the white mulberry tree and not with an artificial feed, they taste very nice and both birds and reptiles find them delicious.   

Available in: 1 litre box (approx. 425gm)

Delivered frozen to your door.

This is a raw meat and not for human consumption.