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Wisbroek - Softbill Diet Large - 10kg

Wisbroek - Softbill Diet Large - 10kg
Wisbroek - Softbill Diet Large - 10kg Wisbroek - Softbill Diet Large - 10kg
Brands Wisbroek Quality Feed
Product Code: 864C
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Product Information


Small 2 mm, extruded complete feed for:
Tanagers, honeyguides, pittas, broadbill, manakins, starlings, birds-of-paradise, flycatchers and doves.

Large 7 mm, extruded complete feed for:
Turacos, toucans, aracaris, hornbills, cotingas, starlings, trogons, oropendolas, birds-of-paradise and doves.

- Extruded complete feed for fruit-eating birds.
- Small (2 mm) and Large (7 mm) extruded feed for small and large fruit eating birds respectively. Both sizes can be used together, as they are the same in composition.
- Can be fed dry and wet and has a water stability of over 24 hours.
- Iron content guaranteed at less than 85 ppm. Each batch is analyzed by an external laboratory. Check out the iron level of your batch number on www.wisbroek.com.
- DHA fatty acids are added for optimal health and breeding conditions.
- Diversity in raw materials to obtain a complete feed which, besides fruit, does not need any additions.
- Use of raw materials rich in natural carotenoïds (luzerne, carrots, beetroot, spirulina, corn and corn gluten) which will enhance the natural coloring of the birds.
- Most minerals are added to the feed in organic (chelate) form for optimal bioavailability.
- Prebioticum added as lactose.
- 35% of the fatty acids are PUFA’s (poly unsaturated fatty acids).

Feeding guideline
Feed fruit eating birds additional to their daily portion of fruit ad libitum with Wisbroek Softbill Diet.

Is Wisbroek Softbill Diet new to the bird?
Provide Wisbroek Softbill Diet 2 mm mixed with fruit. Be aware of the fact that 100 g of fruit contains approximately 85 g water. Dry Wisbroek Softbill Diet contains only 8 g of water per 100 g. In addition, vary in fruits provided. For example, combine fruits with different carbohydrates: grapes (glucose, fructose) with mango (saccharose) or pear (fructose) with banana (starch). Feed extra banana to breeding birds, as they require extra energy for reproduction and have a higher requirement of Selenium, as well as to sick birds that are in need of extra energy.

Analytical constituents
Crude Protein        21.5%
Crude Fat                8.05
Crude Fibre             2.2%
Ash                           5.7% 

Additives - Colourants
β-carotene               10.0 mg/kg 
Canthaxanthine       2.5 mg/kg 

For larger orders, discount pricing available.

Product Data Sheet

Disclaimer: Wisbroek continuously strives for optimal composition of the various types of feed. Shown values may therefore differ from the actual product. See the label on the package for the exact composition.