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Wisbroek Ibis - Flamingo Floating - 15kg

Wisbroek Ibis - Flamingo Floating - 15kg
Brands Wisbroek Quality Feed
Product Code: 860
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Product Information

Wisbroek Ibis Floating is a 6 mm extruded feed, specifically developed for ibises, spoonbills and flamingo’s. Wisbroek Ibis Floating provides an optimal digestion and contains fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other necessary ingredients.


Benefits of Wisbroek Ibis Floating:

  • 6 mm extruded pellet for optimal digestion.
  • High fat, low protein for protein sparing effect and to achieve an optimal protein/energy ratio.
  • Contains a high percentage of fish/shrimp meal and fish oil.
  • Can be fed dry and wet.
  • Easily accepted by the birds due to the coated fish oil.
  • Diversity in raw materials to become a complete feed which do not need any additions.
  • Using linseed and fish oil to add lots of omega-3 fatty acids to the feed.
  • By using raw materials rich in natural carotenoids (linseed, shrimp meal, spirulina and corn) this feed will enhance the natural colouring of the birds.


Available in a 15kg bag.


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