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D&H - Elephant cubes - 20kg

D&H - Elephant cubes - 20kg
Brands Dodson & Horrell
Product Code: 5EC
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Product Information


Elephant Cubes

Elephant cubes is a complementary feeding product for elephants in captivity in parks

Or zoos Available as a 6mm cube or as a special 11mm cube

• Contains complete vitamin and trace element supplement.

• Contains Fructose oligosaccharides to help stabilise gut fermentation and maintain pH

• Added pectin and lignin sources

• Enhanced essential fatty acid content from linseed

• Contains a unique, originally patented, natural antioxidant cocktail to help support the animal’s own natural defences, based on natural plant antioxidants such as carotenoids and anthocyanins. This has been shown to enhance circulating levels of vitamin E within the animal

• Vitamin E is delivered as dl alpha tocopherol as well as mixed tocopherols.


Ingredients: maize, wheat feed, wheat, beet pulp, nutritionally improved straw, ligin, full fat linseed, beans, di-calcium phosphate, yeast extract, limestone, salt, vitamin / trace mineral premix, lysine, blackcurrant extract, vitamin E premix, with EC permitted antioxidants mixed tocopherols, vitamin C, rosemary extract.


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