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DH Extruded Platyrhine (New World) Primate - 15kg

DH Extruded Platyrhine (New World) Primate - 15kg
Brands Dodson & Horrell
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Product Information

Extruded Platyrhine (New World) Primate.


Platyrhine diet is a complementary feeding product for a variety of New World primates.


• Contains complete vitamin and trace element supplement.

• Contains stabilized vitamin C

• Contains a mix of animal and vegetable protein sources to ensure appropriate amino acid profile

• Enhanced omega 3 fatty acid content from rape, fish and marine algae, a source of DHA

• Contains a unique, originally patented, natural antioxidant cocktail to help support the animal’s own natural defences, based on natural plant antioxidants such as carotenoids and anthocyanins

• Added refined starch is included to help maintain a “lighter” bite texture.


Product Form

Biscuit size: 13-14 mm x 25 mm length. 15 kg. net weight paper sack.


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