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Boskos Browser - 20kg

Boskos Browser - 20kg
Boskos Browser - 20kg
Brands Kiezebrink International
Product Code: WE006
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Product Information

An acacia bush fiber based browser pellet for herbivores. Available in 20kg bags 10mm.

Boskos Browser 

Has a high fiber content from natural sources of fiber, like Acacia. The composition comes close to the natural diet of African browsers, the digestive tract is therefore stimulated in a natural way. The vitamin and mineral content is adjusted to the needs of herbivores in Europe, with a high Vitamin D content. Linseed oil is added as a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids.

The acacia bush fiber is harvested from bush encroached areas. It is therefore significantly different from most other commercially-produced animal feeds in that it is not a by-product of a manufacturing process. 

Much more information can also be found on the official Boskos website:

Nutritional advice

BOSKOS BROWSER is designed to be fed as a base diet depending upon needs. Should be fed as 40% of the total dry matter intake. To guarantee the intake of effective long fiber, BOSKOS needs to be supplemented with roughage suitable for the particular species. Keep plenty of fresh, clean water available to animals at all times.

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