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Boskos - 25kg

Boskos - 25kg
Brands Kiezebrink International
Product Code: 501
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Product Information

An acacia bush fibre based browser pellet for herbivores. Available in 25kg bags.


Literally translated from the Afrikaans language, Boskos means; ‘feed from the bush’. Boskos is a browser pellet produced in South Africa made with 55% natural acacia bush fibre. This acacia bush fibre is harvested from bush encroached areas. It is therefore significantly different from most other commercially-produced animal feeds in that it is not a by-product of a manufacturing process.


Boskos is a staple diet, especially as a winter grazing supplement, in zoos, national parks and game reserves around the world. More European Zoos are feeding Boskos as this natural diet is healthier for their animals.


How Boskos is made film.


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