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Avian - Fruit Pate - 1kg

Avian - Fruit Pate - 1kg
Brands Avian
Product Code: AV1021
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Product Information
Fruit pate is an additional food for tropical and native birds. It is a complete diet for small fruit- and insect-eating birds. This patee is moistened with 100 % pure and natural acacia honey for a better assimilation and a high nutritional value.
Ultimate Balance Fruit pate has a low iron percentage: < 100 ppm. It is the result of rigorous research to provide a good complete food for fructivores birds. It contains 5% fruit for natural energy and vitamins. The fruit particles has been added in a granular form. Our smaller fructivore birds as honeycreepers, tanagers, chlorophonias, euphonias, cotingas, manakins, sunbirds, pitpits, but also our exotic finches and waxbills prefer this pate