What is it Like to Have a Pet Snake?

What is it Like to Have a Pet Snake?

Have you been thinking about getting a pet snake but aren’t sure what to expect?

Some things you need to know before owning a snake:

A Snake is a Big Commitment

Although it varies from snake to snake, snakes generally live quite a long time. Corn snakes have a life expectancy of up to 10 years and ball pythons are up to 30 years. Some species may also grow quite large so, when it comes to choosing your pet snake, make sure you take these into consideration and prepare yourself for a long-term relationship.

A Few Risks Attached

You may be unaware that snakes can carry Salmonella, so you should always remember to wash your hands after handling them. Although not very dangerous to adults, if you have children in the house, you should be careful. Also, there is the slightest risk that snakes will bite.

A Snake Has a Very Unique Personality

Snakes prefer to be on their own, so if you are considering getting more than one, it is best to keep them in separate containers. Due to their solitary nature, they are also wary of human contact and are not the cuddly type of pet. It is recommended that you pick up your snake at least 5 minutes every day so it can get used to you, but not much more than that. Finally, snakes are a big fan of consistency so try and stick to the same feeding and cleaning routine.

A Carnivorous Diet

One thing you may need to prepare your stomach for is a snake’s diet. They are not vegetarians and like to be fed rodents such as ratspinky mice and mouse fluffs. Pre-killed food is better as you can keep it in the freezer and prevent the risk of bites and scratches. Some snakes prefer being fed live prey over pre-killed food though, so be willing to transition them if you can’t handle it.

Even though ssnakes are not the traditional choice of pet, they stay quiet, they don’t need walking, and they bring a calming presence. Although experiences will differ from each person, there is only one way to find out whether having a snake is the right thing for you.

Make sure you do your research and take these things into consideration before making the commitment. We have written another blog article recently answering ‘What is the Best Pet Reptile for Beginners’ if you need some further guidance.

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